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Why Focus Fitness Club?

When Focus Fitness Club was created, the motivation behind the essence of the brand and the logo was centered around the philosophy that a stronger and fit community is a happier and healthier one. With that in mind, the creation of the iconic kettle bell image within the brand harnessed the motivational aspects to make that happen.

The Inner and outer circles are representations of a target to symbolize each individual member’s goal

The inner circle is connected to a short line that represents an elemental magnifiying glass to represent focusing on your goals and honing in to pursue them.

The completed design is the shape of a kettle bell, an icon that represents one of the oldest fitness tools. It is a strong, multifacited tool to help anyone reach their fitness goals.

At Focus Fitness Club, we combine all of these principles into providing a motivating, friendly, and inviting atmosphere where casual lifters and serious gym-goers can get in shape at their own pace. We also encourage everyone to Focus on their mental and emotional health by enjoying our Recovery Zone and see how a post-workout routine can be just as important as the workout.

Be Stronger. Be Healthier. Be Better | Focus Fitness Club, Founded 2021

San Jose’s Newest Fitness Club

Focus Fitness is San Jose’s newest privately-owned fitness club. We are a small, family-owned business with a passion for strength training and healthy living. Come in and start focusing on you.

What people are saying about Focus Fitness Club

David Carr
June 1, 2022

The gym is very nice and has a good environment.

February 17, 2022

Awesome gym. Been looking around for other gyms recently because I moved a bit far away and with traffic could take me up to 25-30 minutes to reach, and the lack of quality gyms in the area shows me how lucky I am to be working out here. It has everything you need in a gym, spacious, not too crowded usually, weights are in place, staff is friendly, new management is replacing old equipment, and the place is always clean. If you’re close to this location, look no further (also not expensive even with the raise in prices post-Covid).

Dan Baron
February 2, 2022

The new ownership (as of early 2022) is pretty good so far. They're keeping what works and phasing out some old fashioned equipment that was too "retro" for more ergonomic stuff.

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